Month: September 2010

Linux Kernel Vulnerability

A vulnerability has been found in the Linux kernel, which unfortunately is just about every system running 64-bit Linux. This vulnerability was introduced into the linux kernel in April 2008, and so essentially every distribution is affected, including RHEL (CentOS).…
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Client iPhone app (iSolusVM)

The client iPhone app has now been submitted to the app store and is awaiting approval by Apple. The first version of the app will only have the basic functions of Boot, Shutdown and Reboot plus visible status indication. The…
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Version 2 – What, Why, How & When?

What is Version 2? Version 2 of SolusVM is a total rebuild of SolusVM. V2 is primarily written in C with a PHP frontend, allowing better stability and more advanced functions and features over version 1. Why is it a…
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