Month: January 2012

SolusVM v1.10.00 Beta 1 Available

SolusVM v1.10.00 Beta is now available. Instructions on how to upgrade to or downgrade from the beta are documented in our client area under the “Beta Area” link on the right. Please report any bugs found to our ticket system…
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SolusVM version 1.9.01 Released!

SolusVM version 1.9.00 has now been released. This release is primarily a fix for the release of vzctl that requires the UB swappages parameter to be set in the containers config before it will start (only VSwap containers…
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SolusVM 2 Media – Synchronization

Media synchronization has been largely improved over the version 1 system. SolusVM 1 only allowed you to distribute your media to all the nodes at the same time, without the option to overwrite or delete older templates & ISO’s. SolusVM…
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SolusVM version 1.9.00 Released!

SolusVM version 1.9.00 has now been released. Traffic shaping has been re-introduced into this version. It can be enabled on a per node basis by selecting ‘Nodes >> Select Node >> Traffic Shaping’ from the admin area.
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SolusVM 2 Client GUI Themes – Generic Login

Lets start the updates off with something nice and light. As you may well know, the current client login screen depends on the global client template you have assigned in SolusVM 1. Not anymore! SolusVM 2 features a system where…
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SolusVM v1.9 to be released

SolusVM v1.9 has now been marked as stable and will be released on the 9th January 2012. This update will re-introduce the traffic shaping functionality (Network Speed Throttling).
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