Month: September 2013

SolusVM v1.14.02 Released!

Fixes Fixed error in client lost password system. Fixed Xen HVM OS template installation for CentOS 6. Fixed fault in admin/client anti prediction check settings where they would not set correctly. Fixed reseller language selection on login page. Changes The…
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SolusVM v1.14.01 Released!

Fixes Fixed invalid token error on serial console window when checking a virtual server migration. Fixed bug in client side reverse DNS window when reverse DNS was disabled. Fixed migration time calculations. Notes This release also contains security enhancements to…
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SolusVM v1.14.00 Released!

SolusVM v1.14.00 is now available. SolusVM 1.14.00 contains the following features, fixes & changes: Features Added Client, Reseller and Admin single session support. Default is ON but can be disabled from the admin area Configuration » Settings » Security. Added…
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