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Using the new KVM Rescue Mode, with SolusVM 1.20.05

KVM rescue mode – introduced in SolusVM 1.20.05 – is a new way to empower your clients. With rescue mode your clients have the ability to perform self-service, repairing downed virtual machines. Rescue mode allows you and your clients to…
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New Ways to Sell Virtual Machines.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could show your clients leniency when unexpected bandwidth surges occur? Why should you be forced to penalize your clients when they experience success — reward them, and build customer loyalty. Now you can, with…
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Xen Security Advisory

Xen has released an important security patch for Xen 4.1 and above. We highly advise you update you’re Xen nodes as soon as possible.   Affected SolusVM Systems Host nodes that run Xen 4.1 and above   Details Xen…
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SolusVM v1.16.04 Released!

SolusVM v1.16.04 has now been released. Release notes: Fixes/Changes/Features Fixed issue when a ploop based OpenVZ container would show a lower disk size after a reinstall Updated OpenSSL dependencies for root password creation Updated ciphers for curl callbacks Fixed issue…
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SolusVM v1.16.03 Released!

SolusVM v1.16.03 has now been released. Release notes: Fixes/Changes/Features Fixed issues when /112 IPv6 subnets were being created Fixed single session errors when admin logs in as a client Added action hooks for master & slaves Added hook logging…
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SolusVM v1.16.02 Released!

SolusVM v1.16.02 has now been released. Release notes: Fixes/Changes/Features Added option for a client to reconfigure the OpenVZ networking Changed the way ips are added to OpenVZ virtual servers Added option for client/admin to enable/disable PV-on-HVM driver support Changed the…
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