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Here at SolusIO, we know the value of our partnerships and collaborations to the worldwide audience. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that HostBill, featuring pre and post-paid capabilities, now also supports SolusIO from February 2021.

What is HostBill?

HostBill is an all-in-one command centre built for managing and automating billing, hosting and clients. The infrastructure provides a range of marketing tools and flexible automated billing systems, with provisioning for integrating exterior hosting and cloud management tools.

The software is designed with compatibility in mind, to integrate further infrastructure kits, like payment gateways (such as Paypal and Stripe) as well as hosting control panels (like cPanel).

What can HostBill customers enjoy with the SolusIO module?

SolusIO is a virtual infrastructure management solution that facilitates simplicity and performance for web admins. HostBill can now offer their community the benefits of VPS and Application Hosting through their SolusIO integration. Web admins can easily issue, upgrade, backup and control the entire lifecycle of VMs for their customers, all through the HostBill interface.

So what’s new with the SolusIO module?

HostBill supports the full flexibility of SolusIO. The SolusIO module on HostBill is available under a prepaid structure, meaning that you pay for services in advance on classic hosting products like VPS or web applications. Additionally, the latest update means that HostBill customers can now enjoy a post-paid billing model too, allowing them to process bills after usage, for example when charging by the hour using cloud services.

Creating and managing VMs is easy with a single sign-on through HostBill’s SolusIO module, and customers can access the useful ‘User area’ part of the SolusIO interface.

With full control over your integrated resources in HostBill, the SolusIO experience is being delivered to a wider audience who can enjoy VMs with the whole lifecycle automated.

Learn more about how to use SolusIO on the HostBill integration here.

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