NIXStats Joins SolusIO as Member of Server Saas Group

NIXStats Joins SolusIO as Member of Server Saas Group

At SolusIO, we are proud to be part of the WebPros Group, providing best-in-class server Saas solutions through a community of innovative companies. 

Beginning 2021 with a bang, WebPros is now taking this opportunity to announce that in March this year, they are welcoming the server monitoring powerhouse, NIXStats, to the family.


Introducing NIXStats

The easy-to-use dashboard provided by NIXStats is designed to monitor your server health and performance. You can access real time data about the status of your website, with alerts that are channeled to your inbox of choice, whether that be email, Slack or Discord, to keep issues to a minimum. 

Alongside the integrations of useful developer tools like Apache and Docker, the interface allows you to view network usage data, along with loading times and charts demonstrating CPU activity. All in one place.


SolusIO and NIXStats

SolusIO and NIXStats are now both part of the WebPros group, forming part of the same team that is bringing robust solutions to Web Professionals across the digital ecosystem.

Therefore, with upcoming plans of integration and collaboration between the partners, the SolusIO community as well as the NIXStats software will have much opportunity for serving their customers better. With the SolusIO virtualization and server solutions coupled with powerful monitoring, web professionals can look forward to even better, streamlined tools to boost their businesses.

Excited to find out more? Stay updated with SolusIO for updates on the future of web monitoring with NIXStats and WebPros. 


Learn more about NixStats

Get to know NixStats here.

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