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  • Flexible plans

  • OpenVZ 7 Support - VM and Containers (dual virtualization)

  • Management node backup to remote storage

  • The ability to assign a specific Ipv4 on a VPS from IP block

  • The ability to change the main Ipv4 on a VPS

  • cPanel Manage2 and Plesk KA integrations

    cPanel Manage2 and Plesk KA integrations

  • Incremental VPS backup

    Incremental VPS backup

  • Zstd compression support for backups

  • Snapshots for VPS

  • AlmaLinux 8.4. Debian 11. Rocky Linux 8.4 qcow2 images support

  • Email notifications templates customisation

    Email notifications templates customisation

  • Activity log

    Activity log

  • Rescue Mode

    Rescue Mode

  • Additional IP for VPS

    Additional IP for VPS

  • Reverse DNS support

    Reverse DNS support

  • NFS remote storage support

    NFS remote storage support

  • Virtual server resource scaling

    Virtual server resource scaling

  • Routed and bridged network support

    Routed and bridged network support

  • Reinstalling Virtual Server

    Reinstalling Virtual Server

  • Role-based access control

    Role-based access control

  • User-area VPS creation page

    User-area VPS creation page

  • The ability for Clients to create VPS backup

  • User-data support

  • The Network Speed Limit API

  • Applications support

    Applications support

  • Windows images support

  • Live migration for KVM VPSes

  • VPS resize

    VPS resize

  • Multiple Volume Group support for KVM

  • raw and qcow2 disk images for KVM support

  • Auto upgrades by schedule

    Auto upgrades by schedule

In progress

  • SolusVM to SolusVM 2.0 migration tools



  • Amazon Firecracker support

  • Mobile view for all UI

  • Floating/failover IP

  • Integration with proxmox

  • Add ability to Enable PCI Passthrough

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