SolusIO 1.1.10196 Released

SolusIO – Version 1.1.10196 Released

Find out what’s new in SolusIO! Release notes contain information about new features, improvements, known issues, and bug fixes in each release.

You can find release notes for each version in the documentation section. We suggest that you regularly visit the release notes to learn about updates.

New features

SolusIO has announced a new feature: Reinstalling Virtual Server

  • Virtual Server reinstallation means the recreation of a virtual server with the same IP address, location, and resource plan.
  • A user can change an operating system, an application, ssh keys, and user-data during the reinstallation process.
  • Reinstalling a virtual server is available on server page.



SolusIO added the ability to lock and suspend user accounts.

  • Available via UI and API


  • Added new applications: Plesk, cPanel, and Cloudron.

  • Added the ability to create backups in the user area.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue when an API error was not handled during server creation in the admin area when no suitable storage in the compute resource existed.
  • Fixed the issue when an API authorization token was kept in /etc/solus/agent.json after compute resource installation.
  • Fixed the issue when a new SSH key didn’t appear in the interface after the key was added in the user area.
  • Fixed the issue when all notifications in the admin area had one and the same date.
  • Fixed the issue when the “run version update” task couldn’t be retried.
  • Fixed the issue when the task could hang if RabbitMQ restarted.
  • Fixed the issue when the “Power Off” button for virtual servers was missing from the admin area.
  • Fixed the issue when virtual server creation failed with the “Failed to create PTY: Operation not permitted” error.

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