SolusIO 1.1.12097 Released

SolusIO – Version v1.1.12097 Released

We are proud to announce that we have released a new version of SolusIO, SolusIO v1.1.12097. This version provides some nice enhancements and new features.

You can find release notes for each version in the documentation section. We suggest that you regularly visit the release notes to learn about updates.

New features

SolusIO has announced a new feature: Resize a virtual server.

Resize a virtual server

A user can upgrade their plan on the virtual server page in user UI.

This feature is available in admin UI or API.

The ability to resize a virtual server CPU and RAM only with the ability to return on the previous plan will be there soon.


  1. Fixed the issue when creating a server’s snapshot failed if the snapshot couldn’t be created within one minute.
  2. Fixed the issue when email notifications about new servers in Portuguese contained the unnecessary colon character (“:”) in the servers’ passwords.
  3. Fixed the issue when the project creation pop-up had non-localized placeholders in the “Name” and “Description” fields.
  4. Fixed the problem when branding wasn’t applied to the login screen after logging out of User Area

Plesk University

Do not forget: The SolusIO Professional course is available! Learn how to offer a scalable, API-first & Self-Service based PublicCloud experience to developers and businesses leveraging existing infrastructure. Sign-up here!

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Planning your SolusIO infrastructure
  2. Deploying SolusIO master server
  3. Adding compute resources
  4. Setting up provisioning
  5. Provisioning virtual servers

Total time: 2 hours


SolusIO roadmap is now publicly available on Trello. We will update it as often as possible with new info, so you always know what we’re up to and what’s coming!

We invite you to submit your ideas for feature requests to our Product team. To submit a feature request, please share any ideas you have  – don’t hesitate to make suggestions or submit feature requests.

We’re also excited to help you realize your goals as you embrace new ways of working and compete more effectively, our sales team is at your disposal.

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