SolusIO and WHMCS turnkey solution released!

SolusIO and WHMCS turnkey solution released!

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of our SolusIO and WHMCS turnkey solution that enables service providers to offer scalable on-demand virtual servers paired with a modern postpaid billing integration.

To get started, visit the WHMCS Marketplace and install the “SolusIO WHMCS Integration” from there.

The integration comes with a fully customizable and ready-to-use landing page for your end customers:

The SolusIO account can be setup within seconds. Of course, the email address needs to be validated by the customer before the account becomes active.

On the SolusIO side, all you need to do is create an API key. Next, define the prices per hour (and the monthly caps) by using our “token methodology”. This allows service providers to have easy pricing across different currencies (see also our documentation about the token methodology here).

And you are ready to go! Of course, the plan’s order can be changed to suit your needs:

The configuration on the WHMCS side is simple as well. You have to connect the WHMCS system with the SolusIO instance by using its URL and the API key. After that, you can define the real price per token for all enabled currencies and enable the integration.

You can also configure default limits for new customers. For more details about the detailed configuration, please see the WHMCS documentation.

After signing up for the service, your new and existing customers have access to the Cloud Hosting services and can directly jump to the SolusIO user interface by using the SSO (single sign-on):

The overview is also showing the current period usage and the number of servers (total and running).

After jumping to the SolusIO user interface, the server creation dialog now shows the plans in the defined order and the prices and tax information according to your configuration:

The invoices will be created automatically once every first day of a month, with the corresponding usage of the customer.

As this is the first version of the WHMCS Integration, we’re looking forward to your feedback. In the future, more features will be added also based on your input – so stay tuned!


SolusIO roadmap is now publicly available on Trello. We will update it as often as possible with new info, so you always know what we’re up to and what’s coming!

If you have an idea for a feature that will help improve SolusIO for you and your customers, our Product team would love to hear from you.

We invite you to submit your ideas for feature requests to our Product team. To submit a feature request, please share any ideas you have  – don’t hesitate to make suggestions or submit feature requests.

We’re also excited to help you realize your goals as you embrace new ways of working and compete more effectively, our sales team is at your disposal.

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