SolusVM v1.16.01 Released!

SolusVM v1.16.01 has now been released.

Release notes:


  • Added ability for admin/client to add/remove IPv6 addresses from assigned IPv6 subnets.
  • Added reverse dns options for IPv6 subnets.
  • An IPv6 address from the first subnet will be assigned to a vps automatically when a virtual server is created with an IPv6 subnet.
  • Added option to check IPv6 subnets against the singular ipv6 table for matches. Subnets matched will be marked as reserved.
  • IPv6 subnet prefixes are now passed to ebtables.
  • Fixed issue where KVM virtual servers would sporadically show as offline in the client area.


Client area template updates (all): control.tpl, ipv6.tpl, prdns.tpl

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