Version 1.2.14 has been released


Fixed issue when setting slackware networking for Xen PV virtual servers
Fixed issue where static netmasks were being set for Xen PV CentOS/Slackware virtual servers
Fixed issue where the root = ” setting was not being commented out in Xen PV configs when PyGrub is being used
Fixed issue where interface errors were breaking network speed limits for vps on the master node
Fixed issue where some openvz virtual servers were not being removed on deletion
Fixed issue with bandwidth counting returning no data on nodes with more that 100 ip addresses
Fixed issue where backup server passwords were not updating correctly
Fixed issue with 32 bit binary segfaulting on change main ipaddress for OpenVZ
Added fully automated in panel FTP backups for virtual servers (OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM)
Added UTF 8 character set to all system emails
Added list virtual servers function to API
Added list free node resources function to API. Used for checking xen resources
Added xen free memory check to API
Added Xen free LVM check to API
Added Xen memory offsets setting to advanced.conf
Added Xen LVM reserved setting to advanced.conf
Added the ability to mass select ip addresses in the ip address listings
Added live search to change owner option for virtual servers
Added global live search to admin area
Added various navigation back buttons throughout the admin area
Added better master <> slave version mismatch checking

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