Version 2 – What, Why, How & When?

What is Version 2?
Version 2 of SolusVM is a total rebuild of SolusVM. V2 is primarily written in C with a PHP frontend, allowing better stability and more advanced functions and features over version 1.

Why is it a total rebuild?
SolusVM is being totally rebuilt for one main reason, functionality. Like most scripts and programs there comes a point where it gets harder and harder to add unplanned functions and features to an already bloating codebase. A rebuild will solve all of these issues and allow us to move forward in to the realms of more advanced features like cloud and high availability.

How will it compare with Version 1?
Version 2 is already more advanced than version 1 due to the core flexability that has been added from the start. Features like live migration and custom configuration will be root of the new version and will offer stability in moving your virtual servers around your cluster.   Unfortunately we can’t give you too many details on the workings of the core until we get closer to a release date.. and that take me to the next question…….

When will Version 2 be released?
As you know this is not something we can really answer, however we hope to see it hit you guys around  April – May 2012.

Heres a little taster of Version 2:

 A better in panel build system

The new build system will be the most informative build system ever! Every step and error will be logged and you will be alerted from anything as small as a warning to a show stopping error.

Email system

The email system will allow you to email anyone from a single client, to all clients on a certain server or even all the clients in SolusVM. You can also create your own email templates with place holders.

Update: This is now in Version 1!

SolusVM Version 2 will contain a better API system! There will be no need to request a feature to be added to the API anymore, Anything you can do in SolusVM can be done via the API. Admin, Reseller and Client API’s will be supported with a full set of ACL’s for each type.

Yes, SolusVM V2 will include Cloud support, more information will follow on this subject at a later date 🙂

Live Migration
Live migration will be included as default in V2. It will support all virtualization types and will be fully GUI based.

We will try and keep you informed about the progress of Version 2 on a regular basis and hopefully throw a few screenshots your way aswell!

Have you read enough?