OnApp for Virtual Service Providers

Now you can sell OnApp cloud alongside SolusVM, without installing OnApp. No set-up cost. No license cost.

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The perfect addition to SolusVM.

With OnApp for Virtual Service Providers, you can offer a true cloud hosting product for customers that need the additional scalability and resilience of a fully-fledged OnApp cloud.

With no cloud platform or hardware needed, it’s a no-risk way to add cloud to the SolusVM hosting you offer today.

Sell dozens of clouds around the world

With OnApp for Virtual Service Providers, you can host your customers anywhere in the OnApp Federation, our global network of wholesale clouds. You choose which clouds you want to sell, based on their location, price, performance and uptime.

[iframe src=”https://old.onapp.com/pages/directory”  frameborder=”0″ hspace=”20″ vspace=”20″ height=”560″ scrolling=”no” width=”880″]

OnApp control panel, free and fully hosted

Providers you get your own dedicated OnApp control panel, hosted in the UK or US, which your customers use to provision and manage their cloud services. Offer the world’s leading cloud management UI, free of charge!

Just pay as you go

When you sign up we’ll set up your VSP account. You add funds to your account: that pays for any cloud infrastructure your customers use. When your account gets low, it’ll be topped up automatically.

How your VSP account works

To become a VSP you’ll need to provide a valid credit card and add $250 into your VSP account. From there on, your VSP account has three balances:


Top-Up Amount

The amount we take from your credit card when your account needs a boost. This is set at $250

Low Balance

The threshold that triggers your next Top-Up. This is set at $50

Suspend Balance

The threshold that triggers suspension of your VSP service, until you have added another Top-Up amount. We’ll set this as -$10

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By requesting a VSP account you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

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