The brand-new SolusVM 2 is here!

We are excited to introduce to you the brand-new SolusVM 2.

While safely carrying SolusIO under its hood, SolusVM 2 is a new product built on the latest modern stack technology. Coming to you packed with a clean self-service user interface, SolusVM 2 offers additional new features and a brand-new user experienceat the same price.

SolusIO users can easily upgrade to SolusVM 2. Find more information here on How to Update SolusIO to SolusVM 2.

SolusVM 1 users can now safely migrate to SolusVM 2 with the Import Tool

While we are eager to continue to deliver new features on top of the existing ones, the licensing model and pricing for SolusVM 2 will remain the same as for SolusVM 1. 

What is SolusVM 2?

SolusVM 2 is the latest step in the evolution of our time-tested VM solutions and the next generation of our popular on-premise VPS Management platform, SolusVM. 

With SolusVM 2, we have incorporated all of the existing SolusVM 1 advantages while adding unique new features to further assist service providers in launching a next-level modern IaaS cloud business without needing any code writing.

SolusVM 2 features:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with Plesk and cPanel licensing systems to offer cPanel and Plesk-based products.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with WHMCS billing for prepaid and PAYG offers.
  • More than 10 predefined launch scenarios from Managed WordPress solutions to GIT hosting.
  • API first approach. All features are available via API.
  • Two modern and clear UI types for end users and admins.
  • KVM, OpenVZ and Virtuozzo support.
  • Thin provisioning storage and incremental backups for ThinLVM.
  • At an Affordable price. Only $10 for unlimited VPS nodes.

It’s true. With the licensing model and pricing remaining untouched, you can enjoy a better product with the same conditions!

We plan to continuously include more features requested by our partners and the community. Therefore, we are working to finalize the SolusVM 2 roadmap, which we are eager to share with you.

Who is SolusVM 2 for?​

SolusVM 2 is the ideal virtual infrastructure management solution to facilitate choice, simplicity, and performance for ISPs and enterprises. With the needs of hosting companies in mind, SolusVM 2 contains all of the necessary features to launch a VPS-based business from scratch without code writing.

With insights taken from over 2000 SolusVM 1 customers’ experience, we are able to provide the necessary functions for your business to go forward.

SolusVM 2 can assist those ready to save money and time on developing their solution or tailor open-source projects to a specific need.

The integrated incremential backups with zstd compression for virtual servers are great for those eager to reduce space and save costs.

Embracing our high-level service quality will ensure fewer admin tasks and more uptime for your end customers. If issues or complexities present themselves, the SolusVM support team stands ready to assist you 24/7. With the average issue-solve time in 2021 being 3.5 hours, we continue to assure fast and qualitative support, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Finally, with SolusVM 2, it also becomes easy to increase your revenue stream by reselling Plesk or cPanel licenses through your VPS-based offering.

That's a wrap!​

In short, SolusVM 2 is the next generation of time-tested VM solutions you deserve. We offer lightning-fast, on-demand VMs, a simple API, and an easy-to-use self-service control panel for customers to unleash their full potential.

For SolusVM 1 users, the good news is that the licensing model and prices remain the same. The ability to migrate to SolusVM 2 with the import tool is now available. We will definitely continue to support SolusVM 1 until most customers are ready to make the move.

We are dedicated to continuing to include more features requested by our partners and the community. We look forward to sharing the SolusVM 2 roadmap with you . Additionally, you can also find more information on the latest updates on the Documentation Portal

Stay tuned for more on the new SolusVM 2 website.

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