What to expect from SolusVM v1.16

V1.16 will address two of the most important issues with SolusVM. IPv6 and Backups. As you may well be aware these areas need to be more flexible to the users needs and more importantly, significantly improved in regards to compliance and reliability. Well that’s exactly what we intend to do!


Work on IPv6 subnet integration is well underway in v1.16 and will feature compliant subnet management and deployment. For example in the video below a /48 master subnet can be broken down into smaller /64 subnets then be directly assigned to any of the virtual servers that have access to the block.

Singular IPv6 support (currently in SolusVM) will then become an obsolete feature, however it will remain usable for the foreseeable future. So if you are using it, there’s no rush to port to the new system.


First of all the ‘Auto FTP Backup’ system will be renamed to ‘Auto Backups’. The reasoning behind this is that it has been re-written to include FTP (plain/tls), SCP and backups to a local mount point. This could for example include a secondary drive, Samba mount or NFS share.

Next we have the replacement for Central Backup. As many of you know this was planned for v1.14 but got put on the back burner for a future release. Well it’s time to get back on track 🙂 The video we released in the v1.14 preview (10 months ago) now applies to v1.16

Rescue Mode

One of the other important features in v1.16 is an easy to use rescue mode allowing clients and admins to gain access to the virtual servers disk.


Although not directly related to v1.16 we just wanted to clear up the rumors that Xen support is going to be dropped from SolusVM. The short answer is NO! on the contrary, we intend on improving our support for it in the near future.

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