What’s coming next to SolusVM?

At this time of the year most people start winding down for the holiday season… but not us! We’re working flat out on lots of new features and systems for the SolusVM community.

Since we became part of OnApp, there’s been a lot to do getting everything in place behind the scenes for all the great stuff we have planned – developers, writers, support and so on – and this has, unfortunately, meant we’ve been a bit slow keeping you all up to date on our progress. 

Well, let’s change that right now!  Work has already started on lots of new features, so here’s a taster of what’s to come:

Improved Support

From the start of the New Year, we’ll have a brand new support department in place. All support operators will have undergone training and will attend regular meetings with senior staff, where we can all keep in sync with any issues and resolve them promptly.

You will also be able to rate the performance of support and give feedback if needed. This really is a win-win situation for everyone :)

Powerful Statistics

The lack of decent stats about virtual servers and hypervisors has been a thorn in your side for some time now. So we’re developing a unique new way of collecting statistics that means you’ll be able to gather extensive data from any Linux, Unix or Windows virtual servers.

Reliable Backups

Creating a dependable, intelligent backup system is almost an art form in its own right, as many of you will know from experience. It’s high time SolusVM included a backup system that’s reliable and intelligent enough to alert you to possible errors, control I/O levels and support incremental storage.

Now we’re a part of OnApp we have the resources at hand to bring you that ultimate backup system.

Professional UI

The UI is obviously extremely important to most SolusVM customers. A clean professional UI always makes a good impression on you and your clients, and we now have a team of designers who’ll be adapting the SolusVM front end with more responsive, fluent and intuitive design elements.

OnApp Federation

One of the most exciting things we’ll be doing is enabling SolusVM to access resources from the OnApp Federation – a global pool of cloud capacity that you’ll be able to use to deploy virtual servers on, on demand – just as if it were your own local infrastructure.

Better Billing Modules

Improving the way SolusVM integrates with 3rd party applications is another big focus area for us. A new module for WHMCS is being produced, and we’ll be providing more support for application developers to help them produce the results they’re aiming for.

Bundled Freebies :)

We have some amazing buying power here at OnApp, and we’ll be bringing some awesome deals and freebies to you in the near future. Exactly what will depend on how you use SolusVM – and whether it’ll be big discounts, or 3rd party products for free, you’ll just have to wait and see!


As most of you know there’s quite a lot of SolusVM documentation that is out of date, or available in different versions from different locations. Our documentation team is now updating everything, and migrating it to a single location – which will make life easier for you, and for us.

QA Testing

We’re adding a new QA process to qualify all SolusVM stable releases. Our new QA team will test all features as they are added into beta builds, and run final tests before a “stable” status is achieved.

Regular Releases

Our aim is to deliver releases in a timely manner, with speedy beta builds for anyone who wants the very latest, bleeding edge features.

New Updater & Installer

The current installer and updater can often cause issues when upgrading hypervisors. We’ll be introducing a new RPM-based installer to give a much more reliable and secure upgrade path.