Build your package by picking Enterprise or Slave Only license

License: Enterprise License
Slaves: 2
Mini slaves: 1
Micro slaves: 0

$44 / Half-yearly

1 Choose the licence


Enterprise License


Enterprise Slave Only


2 Choose how many slaves

Slave $10/month
unlimited number of VPSes

Tot: $10 /month

Mini Slave $5/month
up to 5 VPSes

Tot:$10 /month

Micro Slave $2.5/month
up to 2 VPSes

Tot: $10 /month

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Yes, it is possible to host OpenVZ VPS on your SolusVM Master with SolusVM Enterprise License.

To increase the number of slaves to your license please login to your Client Area, click on My Services and select your license by clicking on the small icon to the right, then click Upgrade / Downgrade Package. From there you will then be able to enter the number of slaves you wish to change your license to.

We currently support OpenVZ and KVM virtualization. You do not need a different license to use any of the supported Virtualization Types, all Licenses support all types!

Your SolusVM Master can be installed onto a VPS and is infact something we recommend as taking backups from a VPS is alot easier and quicker to restore than a Dedicated Server, you will require the Slave Only Master License in this enviroment as you cannot host VPS on the Master when it resides on a VPS itself.