New Ways to Sell Virtual Machines.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could show your clients leniency when unexpected bandwidth surges occur? Why should you be forced to penalize your clients when they experience success — reward them, and build customer loyalty.

Now you can, with SolusVM 1.20.04, introducing the ability to rate limit virtual machines upon reaching their bandwidth limitThis is a powerful new feature that allows you to completely change the way you sell virtual machines, and compete with the 3 stooges.

Scenario 1: rate limit then suspend upon hard limit.

The new rate limiting feature allows you to set a soft bandwidth limit and a hard bandwidth limit. Upon reaching the soft limit, users will be rate-limited to your pre-defined network speeds. When they reach the hard limit, the virtual machine will be suspended and shut down. Offer your clients an advantage only SolusVM hosts can offer, with a rate limited bandwidth allowance.

Example configuration below:

[php]limit_speed_instead_of_suspend = true
limit_speed_over_amount = 1024
limit_speed = 5[/php]

Scenario 2: unlimited rate limited bandwidth.

One way to offer extremely affordable virtual machines, would be to offer a limited amount of uncapped bandwidth. Upon reaching that cap, virtual machines could be rate limited, for an unlimited amount of bandwidth. Imagine something along the lines of 5GB uncapped bandwidth, then unlimited bandwidth capped at 5 mbit per second. Perfect for a small development server.

Example configuration below:

[php]limit_speed_instead_of_suspend = true
limit_speed_over_amount = 5000
limit_speed = 5[/php]

Scenario 3: permanently rate limited virtual machines.

Finally, there’s another way to sell virtual machines, which uses an existing feature. Using the port speed limitation, you can sell virtual machines that are permanently rate limited. You can do this to reduce risk, such as limiting the damage caused by DDoS attacks or limit your variable bandwidth expenses, and pass on the savings to your customers.

How do you sell?

These are just a few examples of the ways you can differentiate your business and grow! Reach out on social – Twitter | Facebook – tell us how we can help you expand how you sell VMs!

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