SolusVM v1.15 Beta R4 Released!

SolusVM v1.15 Beta R4 has now been released.

Release notes:

  • Added ext3/ext4 support to Xen PV template settings
  • Added build log viewer to admin GUI for Xen PV/HVM
  • Fixed system emails to support small screen devices
  • Added daily report emails for admins. Can be disabled on a per admin basis
  • Added option for emails to be sent in plain text only
  • Added system email log to admin area. Log > System Email Log
  • Fixed lvscan paths for CentOS 6.x
  • Fixes for several CentOS 6.x logical volume mapping bugs
  • Fixed Admin os template selects to list templates in alphabetical order based on the name template name
  • Added key authentication log to admin area. Log > Key Authentication Log

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