Version 1.2.12 has now been released

SolusVM Enterprise v1.2.12 has now been released.


Admin and client VNC now opens in new window.
Fixed bug where iso did not assign correctly when editing.
Fixed bug where HVM plans would not add.
Fixed javascript caching bug in some admin functions.
Fixed bug where system backup would give a random failed message.
Fixed inodes settings in default openvz config.
Fixed bug where license verification prematurely exited.
Fixed bug in slave registry that prevented windows xp filesystem resizing.
Added ability to upgrade Xen HVM hdd space. Docs:
Added ability to rebuild OpenVZ and Xen PV vps via API.
Added logging for RRDtool stats. Docs:
Added better logging for central backup. Docs:
Added better notifications of new versions. Info:

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