SolusVM v1.16.00 Release & Security Updates

SolusVM v1.16.00 has now been released.


This release contains security updates as instructed in an external audit conducted by Rack911.

It is advised that you update to v1.16.00 as soon as possible to take advantage of the security changes made within the system. We will release further information about any issues found in due course.

If your version of SolusVM still displays v1.15.04 as the newest update (version numbers may be cached for a short while) you can navigate to Tools > Update from the Admin control panel and click the update button.


  • Added ipv6subnets output variable to the admin API vserver-create call
  • Fixed bug where ftp backups were not enabling correctly
  • Added column removal in node listings
  • Fixed a bug in the dhcpd functions
  • Added logrotate scripts
  • Fixed bug in admin API vserver-vnc call where it would return the socket host as a local address if using sockets on the master

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