SolusVM v1.16.02 Released!

SolusVM v1.16.02 has now been released.

Release notes:


  • Added option for a client to reconfigure the OpenVZ networking
  • Changed the way ips are added to OpenVZ virtual servers
  • Added option for client/admin to enable/disable PV-on-HVM driver support
  • Changed the way the custom DHCP configuration files are read/written
  • Added DHCP logging. /var/log/solusvm/dhcpd.log
  • Fixed networking for debian/ubuntu KVM IPv6 virtual servers
  • Added bandwidth tally logs. /var/log/solusvm/bandwidthtally.log
  • Callbacks now include IPv6 subnets
  • Added ability to migrate clients from IPv6 to IPv6 subnets

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