Version 1.2.10 Released

We have now released version 1.2.10 with the following features and bug fixes:

PyGrub support for Xen PV.
PyGrub enables you to start Linux DomUs with the kernels that lie in the filesystem of the DomU instead of with a Kernel that lies in the filesystem of the Dom0. This enables easier kernel update from DomU.

In our tests we have found it to stable and have seen no issues with iptables modules etc…

PyGrub can be set on a per template basis from within the panel:

It can also be overridden from the vps’s manage area:

Please see these docs for guidance on modifying the domU to boot using PyGrub

API Fixes & Additions
Added API function to list clients in XML format
Added API function to check if a client exists
Added API function to delete a client
API now returns the ip address added when using vserver-addip

Please see the API docs for any function updates and changes

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