SolusVM 1.10.00 Beta R4 Available

SolusVM v1.10.00 Beta R4 is now available. Instructions on how to upgrade to or downgrade from the beta are documented in our client area under the “Beta Area” link on the right.

Please report any bugs found to our ticket system under the Beta Support option.

Beta R4 contains the following features & fixes:

  • Added PowerDNS support
  • Added forward DNS management for clients
  • Added defualt cpu core settings to reseller allowances
  • Added option for client/admin to select the network emulator for Xen HVM (ioemu/netfront)
  • Removed empty cdrom on Xen HVM vif line when no cdrom is mounted
  • Fixed issue where Xen HVM configs were being corrupted on certain client panel functions
  • Over 40 other small bugfixes

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