SolusVM 1.12.00 Beta R1 Available!

SolusVM v1.12.00 Beta R1 is now available. If you are currently running v1.10.xx or above you can upgrade directly from the admin area. Tools >> Update

Please report any bugs found to our ticket system under the Beta Support option.

Beta R1 contains the following features & fixes:

  • Added KVM template support (See Notes section below)
  • Added logging for load monitoring. Log location on master /usr/local/solusvm/log/load.log
  • Fixed bug where ‘file:’ was being added to {$CDROM} KVM custom config variable
  • Fixed bug where email variable was not being displayed correctly in api log

A few “testing” KVM templates are available from our TDN (

Also note there is currently no template sync for KVM templates. Template location is /home/solusvm/kvm/template on both the master and slave.

You can “fake” the template on the master using the touch command i.e:
touch /home/solusvm/kvm/template/centos-5.8-x86_64-min-v1-kvm.gz

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