SolusVM 1.13.00 Beta R3 Available!

SolusVM v1.13.00 Beta R3 is now available. If you are currently running v1.10.xx or above you can upgrade directly from the admin area. Tools >> Update

Please report any bugs found to our ticket system.

Beta R3 contains the following:

  • Added KVM Disk Cache option on a per virtual server basis. You can now overide the defualt node setting
  • Added Ajax collection of virtual server statistics to admincp virtual server manage page
  • Added the ability to add and remove secondary hard disks to KVM virtual servers
  • Added debug logging to media sync
  • Added better admincp notifications
  • Added notification position settings under general settings
  • Added notification sticky option under general settings
  • Added simple Logical Volume manager
  • Added Filter option to virtual server list. Filter by Suspended, Online, Offline, OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM & KVM
  • Added FTPBACKUPMASTERNIC=”” advanced.conf variable
  • Fixed bug where media sync would show iso’s as .gz archives
  • Fixed bug where admincp install from template would show obscure filesizes (now rounded off)
  • Fixed bug where KVM Template media groups were not showing on creating a custom virtual server
  • Fixed bug in OpenVZ edit plan not allowing more than 100mbit network speed to be selected & set
  • Removed javascript ‘Loading’ overlay from admincp manage pages
  • Removed data timeout from media sync
  • Removed Growl notifications (feature replaced)
  • Trunacated ‘Operating System’ & ‘Template’ fields in virtual server list. Hover over for full details
  • CPU topology is now set for KVM virtual servers
  • Increased timeout for OpenVZ loads collection
  • General enhancements to admin area

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