SolusVM v1.12.00 Released!


SolusVM v1.12.00 is now available.

Please report any bugs found to our ticket system.

SolusVM 1.12.00 contains the following features & fixes:

  • Added KVM template support. Information here :
  • Added SSH (SCP) to AdminCP >> Configuration >> System Backup. Allows you to transfer the database/configuration backup over a secure connection
  • Added session based serial consoles. Serial consoles are now activated on request and disconnected when specified time elapses
  • Added function to reset and disable all serial console sessions on a host server. AdminCP >> Nodes >> Reset Console Sessions
  • Added Media Sync feature. Admincp >> Media >> Mediasync
  • Added logging for load monitoring. Log location on master /usr/local/solusvm/log/load.log
  • Fixed segfault on build of a Xen HVM virtual server
  • Fixed bug where ‘file:’ was being added to {$CDROM} KVM custom config variable
  • Fixed bug where email variable was not being displayed correctly in api log

An updated WHMCS module that supports session based serial consoles is here:

Full release notes:

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